The Story of Starry Night Barn

My sister was married in a magnificent barn in North Carolina in the 90’s. I love barns, old architecture and the challenge and opportunities of reimagining spaces and their purpose. When we moved back home in 2002, we found this old farmstead with seven historic buildings, including a giant barn in need of big love, and I knew this would be my Starry Night. It took 15 years of working and saving to slowly convince my husband, John, that restoring the barn was a smart idea. But he jumped with me. He’s been on a leap-of-faith ride with me since we became parents at 16. John is a political science professor and a rational, analytical thinker. I’m the dreamer with crazy ideas – the one that continuously puts everything on the line. We have this one life. Why play it safe?

Starry Night Barn is named after Vincent Van Gogh’s, “The Starry Night.” I spent a year with my best friends (to this day!) researching, reimagining, and reliving Van Gogh’s works as 8th graders in Olympics of The Mind. We wrote and acted in a play, recreated his works as backdrops, and immersed ourselves in his art and life story. For me, “Starry Night” represents that feeling of the incredible vastness of the world that yet cradles small towns and the special people in them. We are all bright lights in this beautiful world.

Explore Our Offerings

The Silo Market & Gallery

The Silo Market & Gallery is Phase II of our dreams to restore the barn and share this space with the community. It is also called the Lower North Lounge, in reference to its purpose as an events space. The Silo Market & Gallery will be open Sunday through Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm and select Fridays and Saturdays when we’re not hosting events. This collective space will open this summer as an event space, a market with locally made goods, a coffee shop, and an art gallery!

Market & Coffee

The Silo market & gallery will feature local farm goods, art and wares, fresh flowers at the Floral Bar and an espresso and tea bar.

Gallery & Events

Are you looking to host or join an event? Host your event in the Silo Market Gallery; we are excited to help bring fun events, dinners, and parties to life. The space will also showcase art from local artists that are available for purchase.

SNB & Silo Market & Gallery Staff

We are grateful to have assembled an amazing little staff here—mostly women. These are strong women with creative minds, big hearts, some green thumbs, and an appreciation for our land and water here in Leelanau County. They rock at what we do, which is why clients are so smitten with hosting their events here.

Meagan Batdorff
John Zachman
Starry Night Barn Construction
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Starry Night Barn Story

Check-out the the transformation of Starry Night Barn from its humble “rubble” beginnings to the stunning wedding, event space and market it now houses. Through meticulous planning, creative vision and skilled craftsmanship, we’ve worked to maintain and showcase the original footprint, materials and integrity of the barn structure while adding some fun utility to the interior and the surrounding grounds.